The TimeDim Copy Machine

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Welcome to the Time Dimensional Copy Machine. This application was born out of our need for an easy to use visual backup program for Windows. In its simplest form, the TimeDim Copy Machine can copy any source directory to any target directory. It does incremental copy, only copying files that are newer (modified later) than the target.  TimeDim will copy as many files as it can in one session. It will continue even after it encounters errors, and generate a report, showing the name of files that cannot be copied, and the reason the files cannot be copied. Perfect for unattended backups, producing zero failure rate duplicates. Our enterprise has been using this tool for more then three years.

TimeDim Theory of operation:

TimeDim operates on directories. It evaluates every file from a selected directory, and all its subdirectories thereof, and will update the target directory accordingly. TimeDim reads the modification date of the source file and the target file, and it will copy the source file to the target if the source is newer than the target. TimeDim will assume that a non existing file is older than the source, so it will copy files that are missing from the target.

TimeDim Backups:

The TimeDim Copy Machine can also be used to automate backups. It will accept command line parameters  to be used in a Windows Scheduler session. This frees the user to execute mundane tasks by hand, and assures that backups actually happen, and happen at the correct time.

TimeDim will operate successfully as a drive to drive copy machine. A typical example would be copying ALL DATA from a 300 Gig drive onto a brand new 500 Gig USB drive. TimeDim was the only tool that succeeded in copying that amount of data. Most programs bailed out because of a single file had a failure condition. (ex: access denied or could not read) With that much data, ALL other programs we tried have failed or stopped in the middle of the backup.

Source Drive    

       Target Drive

TimeDim will not make the target drive bootable, as it only copies DATA. On the screen shot above, is  a typical scenario for TimeDim. One can copy whole drive onto a different drive. TimeDim will copy every DATA file that is on the source drive onto the target drive, including accessible system files, hidden files. TimeDim cannot copy locked or inaccessible files, but it will generate a report detailing the files it cannot copy, and the reason it cannot copy it. Thus TimeDim cannot be used to make a bootable copy of the drive.
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TimeDim Copyright by (C) 2007,  Written by Peter Glen